Community events

Creating space for our community to foster connection, support, and shared knowledge


What we do:

IDHA organizes monthly events that allow our community of peers, clinicians, activists, family members, and all interested parties to come together to share experiences and issues related to mental health and the mental health system. We seek to foster connection, support, and shared knowledge among those interested in changing the way we practice mental health care.

Our events offer resources, workshops, and tools on topics such as mutual aid practices, trauma, spirituality, psychotropic medication, advocacy, and more. Examples of previous events include Mental Health Trialogue (a forum that brings together peers, clinicians, and family members to discuss mental health with the goal of gaining new perspectives); book readings; community dialogues; artistic showcases and celebrations; and our annual party.

How we work:

Members of a Community Events working group meet regularly to plan IDHA’s calendar of events, with the goal of introducing our community to a wide range of topics and formats.

We are committed to accessibility, always offering multiple tiers of payment. We will never turn anyone away from attending one of our events.

To learn more about our previous and upcoming offerings, check out our events calendar.

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