Issa Ibrahim's Legal Defense Fund

Support The Liberation of a Local Mad Artist, Author, Musician, and Community Organizer

After of 8 and a half years of freedom and success in the community Issa had to be hospitalized against his will and now he’s facing institutionalization and possible homelessness. Money raised from this art sale will go to hiring an independent psychiatrist for a second opinion. Issa is one of the most brilliant and visionary people in our community and we want to bring him home and build a solid support network around him and with him so he never ends up back in the hospital. Support Issa by buying one of his original painting or print reproductions.

We will also have prints for sale with reproductions of some of his most well known art for $10 a piece as well as Sick Sicilian/Black Power Pepperoni “slices” ($10) as well as CDs/DVDs of his music and film


Each of these art pieces sold on this site will be available for pick up: 


June 16th 2018
at our Celebration of Dangerous Gifts Party
from 12pm-8pm

East Village Access
242 East 2nd st


Issa Ibrahim

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Artist Statement

"Losing my mind, my family, and significant connections to society did not deter me from using the arts to transcend - not only the walls, locked doors, and barbed fences of the asylum, but also the constrictions of what I perceive is a bankrupt culture. Though I nursed happily on the teat of 20th Century Delusion, my time in exile allowed me the proper distance to see clearly the cartoon emptiness of western civilization.

I discovered a topsy-turvy world of flawed heroes and super-villains propagating a false reality. Our children are weaned on porn and ultra-violence, and artificial intelligence seems to be our only hope - as common sense becomes obsolete. 

I hold up a mirror in defense, allowing the funhouse reflection that is America to come into full bloom."


For Sale

Phantom Kiss - 24"x36" - $1000

Golden age Superheroes, the Phantom and Wonder Woman, team up to prove that black and white love matters. 


Wheaties - 20"x24" - $400

The superman as every man is exemplified by this average, middle-aged schlub on the famous cereal box.


Hulk Scream - 14"x18" - $1000

The green giant lets off some ‘sturm und drang’ on Edvard Munch’s famous bridge with two avengers observing in the background.


John McCain Captain America - 24”x36”- $500

John McCain as Captain America battles cancer and the serpentine creature that is modern day Washington D.C.

Wonder Woman Mona Lisa - 9"x12" - $250

The famous smiling beauty is made more iconic in the guise of the warrior goddess Wonder Woman.


Change By Any Means Necessary - 24”x36” - $500

Malcolm X as the punisher with a coin changer looking for change


The Island of Self-Devouring Vomit- 8.5"x11" - $200

A meditation on medical abomination.


Shazam - 24”x36” - $500

From Boy Wonder to man Marvel, the artist re-imagines the Shazam character as a magical black superhero.