IDHA Peer connection

Learning, Strategizing, & Developing a Mentoring Network for the NYC Peer Workforce


There are over 25,000 peer workers cross North America who provide immense value to the lives of those they serve in the mental health system. Peer workers are innovators, advocates, and creative story-tellers, connecting deeply with people to promote healing and mutuality. IDHA recognizes that there is a desperate need for those of us working in peer roles in New York City to have a network of support that is not accountable to the City or the State, which continues to de-value, underpay, and co-opt peer roles in a broken system.

IDHA Peer Connection is a community and capacity-building network of Peer Specialists who are fighting for their right to practice genuine peer support in their work places. We gather monthly to learn from the experiences of some our most seasoned and independent leaders, and organize mentoring and other forms of support for working peers in New York City.

 We intend to develop an autonomous organization, outside of the system, that can sustain itself long-into the future to dovetail the continuing boom of the peer workforce.

We aim to:

  • Create a support network of people working inside and outside the mental health workforce.

  • Build creative community that provides mentoring opportunities and strategies for self-care and mutual support.

  • Organize a sustainable network over time, which would include volunteer and funded activities

  • Remain connected to the user/survivor advocacy movement that exists independently from the agencies that hire us.


September 22nd 2018 “Day of Mentorship” at Howie The Harp Advocacy Center