Centering those Most Marginalized:

By centering the most marginalized, we begin to craft antidotes to all the forms of ill-health made manifest in a society based on war, impoverishment, exploitation, racism, hetero-sexism, and colonialism. By supporting those most impacted in their healing process, their pain can be transformed into a powerful force for transforming our entire society.


Intersectionality: We strive to illuminate the connections between oppressions along the lines of race, gender, class, sexuality, ability and nationality, and individual experiences of mental health. These connections must be unraveled and understood in order for full healing to occur.

Equalizing Access:

We recognize that access to quality mental health care is not equal across society. Therefore we work to promote access to our offerings through financial scholarships, access for people with disabilities, and through our outreach methods. Mental and physical health must be a right, not a luxury.


We understand that mental and emotional pain can be attributed to many different roots and causes. Each individual should be able to determine the ways in which their experiences are described, understood, and addressed. Each individual is an expert in their own experience and must have the agency to represent themselves in their mental health care and in all situations that affect them.

Holistic Transformation

We believe in the human ability to transform and heal through self-awareness, supportive communities, holistic care, and reclamation of personal and collective agency. Lasting healing and transformation happens on each of these levels simultaneously: in our selves, our communities, and our society at large.

Healing is a Creative Act

Healing is a Creative Act: There is no need for mental health care to be sterile, punitive, or oppressive in any way. Rather, caring for ourselves and one another is a deeply creative practice which affords us the opportunity to reinvent our relationships to our experiences, our bodies, our past, present, and future, and one another.

Health is A Continuum

Health is A Continuum: We do not see mental health care as a stigmatized practice to be undertaken only among those labeled “extreme”. Rather, we recognize that in a fundamentally unhealthy society, transformative recovery and mental health care can be practiced in all communities among all people, as a part of daily life.