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Community Development
Advanced Education &
Clinical Innovation
In Mental Health




Continuing Education Training

We offer refreshingly innovative courses and events in New York City, lead by both those with professional training and with lived experience. Our trainings cover critical, timely, and socially relevant topics, but most importantly, allow us to provide the space for communities to connect and share with each other. 

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IDHA Peer Connection

We are building a mentorship and support network for Peer Specialists working in NYC. There is a dire need for those of us with peer roles to stay connected to movements outside the mental health workforce that can inform our passion to change the system. We want to build creative community that provides mentoring opportunities and advance strategies for self-care. Are you a peer in the workforce? Join us! Email us at: or click below to learn more and get involved!

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Community Events

We host community events that foster connection, support, and shared knowledge for peers, clinicians, family members, and all who are interested in shifting the way we practice mental health care. Check out our upcoming workshops and events to see what's going on this month!

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Mental Health Trialogue

Mental Health Trialogue (MHT) is a monthly forum that brings together personal perspectives from providers, peers/survivors, family members and other interested parties to discuss issues and experiences with psychotropic medication, among other subjects. The goal of the forum is to foster rich discussion and to change the perception that only those who work in the field of mental health are the experts in mental health. All are encouraged to attend!

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Brilliant Doers
Strong Advocates
Artists Of Human Connection & 
Innovative Practitioners.

We have faculty members who are experts by trade and experts by experience on the cutting edge of mental health alternatives.

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What are people saying about us?

"IDHA makes me feel like there could be a space in the world for someone like me, where I don’t have to hide parts of me...where all are valid and welcome."

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“I got some very useful things from [the Rethinking Crisis] course! Many times I found myself seeing the way I view crisis in a different light. I’m learning to stop viewing someone in crisis as the “other” and the relationship more as two people learning together”


“There is so much more to learn about topics that I was familiar with and so many concepts I had never encountered before. A whole new, bigger world!    

“The biggest takeaway for me was learning that there are other ways to define mental health “disorders” or “pathologies” (i.e. psychosis) and that the current system doesn’t always address basic needs.”

“The overall broad viewpoint of alternatives in mental health is a breath of fresh air to hear about. The difficulties are there, but to have such a knowledgeable group converse about options just feels so right. The faculty really gives so much emotion with the  love of their work and their hopeful viewpoints”

They balance professionalism with humanity