Anti-Oppression and Collective Liberation


As a community of mental health change makers, IDHA takes the work of collective liberation very seriously. We recognize the connections between oppressions along the lines of race, gender, class, sexuality, ability and nationality, and how they affect individual and collective experiences of mental health. These connections must be unraveled and understood in order for full healing to occur.

We are fiercely committed to growing into a vibrant, explicitly anti-racist organization that fosters liberation for everyone. It's extremely important to us that these ideas exist not only within our values, but also within our actions. That’s why IDHA is currently undergoing a process of transitioning to an explicitly anti-racist organization, concurrent to our broader organizational development process.

IDHA is addressing these changes at three levels:

  • Developing common language to talk about institutionalized white power and privilege


  • We are organizing community events that open space for conversation about race and oppression

  • Our next training series will explicitly frame the importance of race and systems of oppression in the context of mental health system


  • We have held one day-long retreat, facilitated by an anti-oppression trainer, to begin a long-term conversation about how oppression lives in us and our communities - and  its implication on IDHA’s leadership



Some of our long-term goals for this process include:

  • Building mutually supportive relationships with POC-led organizations

  • Implementing internal, ongoing anti-racism training for our staff and members