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Spiritual Emergence: A Community Dialogue on Healthy Integration of Transcendent States

  • East Village Access 242 East 2nd Street New York, NY, 10009 United States (map)

Spiritual Emergence: A Community Dialogue on Healthy Integration of Transcendent States

Tuesday March 13th 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm
242 East 2nd st. 
New York, NY

Have you ever: 
-Had a profound spiritual experience?
-Experienced extreme, altered, or transcendent states of consciousness? 
-Found deep meaning in disruptive, turbulent, or traumatic times?
-Experienced moments of deep bliss or connectedness?
-Found any of these experiences too difficult to speak out loud or share with others? 

You are not alone.

Spiritual emergence is a natural part of human development that can offer us glimpses of peak states and help us evolve toward our highest potentials. Whether the experiences are sought out or spontaneous, both the fleeting moments of bliss as well as the disruptive states can challenge everything about one’s former ways of being in the world. Because these transcendent states are in service of our growth, it is important for us to develop a cultural framework to share them so that we can support each other in achieving healthy integration.

Join us for a community dialogue hosted by Katrina Michelle, PhD, LCSW, a holistic psychotherapist and spiritual seeker. This group nurtures a safe space to share our spiritual experiences, resistances, and desires for transcendence. Spiritual seekers and experiencers alike can share and gain practical information to support healthy integration and positive transformation.

Doors will close at 7:15 so please arrive on time!

This event is part of our series: Starry Nights: Arts & Spirituality Dialogues at IDHA every second Tuesday of the month at East Village Access


Katrina Michelle, PhD, LCSW, is a holistic psychotherapist and spiritual seeker based in New York City. Informed by her doctoral research on "spiritual resistance" and her own transcendent experiences, she supports people in exploring, embracing, and integrating the multifaceted human experience through facilitating personal sessions, groups, and community events. Katrina is currently the executive director for The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE), an organization that reflects her desire to evolve mainstream systems so they acknowledge, honor, and include the spiritual component of human development. Katrina fully believes that a mainstream culture that reflects and supports this model will catalyze our collective highest potential. She is always seeking new adventures in growth and collaborators for creative programming. You can reach Katrina at