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Mental Health Trialogue: Self Love and Self Care

  • East Village Access 242 East 2nd Street New York, NY, 10009 United States (map)
  • Are you a family member of someone taking psych meds, a prescriber of psych meds, or are you, yourself, taking psychotropic medication?

  • Are you interested in hearing real perspectives on people’s experiences with psych meds?

  • Are you concerned about multiple side effects, the stigma around taking meds, access to services, navigating the system, or the challenges around coming off/starting psychotropic medication?

Despite shifts towards inclusiveness and partnership in mental health services development, meaningful open communication between professionals, service users and families within the mental health system remains a challenge.

This Mental Health Trialogue (MHT) is a monthly forum that brings together personal perspectives from providers, peers/survivors, family members and other interested parties to discuss issues and experiences with psychotropic medication, among other subjects. The goal of the forum is to foster rich discussion and to change the perception that only those who work in the field of mental health are the experts in mental health. This month's Trialogue will focus on self love and self care.

A message from one of our facilitators: Hello, my name is Angel Serrano and I work as a Peer Counselor for many years now and I am also an active member and participant of IDHA. I am so looking forward to opening the Trialogue discussion on the awesome theme that was chosen by the group for an interactive group discussion on "Self-love & Self-care" because this really hits home with me and was and still is an ongoing very important part of my life's journey, calling and purpose, which is essentially to truly love and care for myself. I will begin by sharing my understanding of a balanced Self-love and Holistic Self-care and all this entails for me and what I believe the difference is between having a healthy balanced Self-love and narcissism and then I will briefly share my journey from Self-hate and self-loathing and self-destructive behavior to Self-love and my healthy wellness practices of Self-care. Then the floor will be open for questions, comments and people's personal beliefs about and practices of "Self-love and Self-care" and how this impacts their lives, relationships, Jobs and their love and care for others. I wholeheartedly believe that this Trialogue discussion of "Self-love & Self-care" is a vitally important and much needed theme discussion that all can in some way identity with. I am looking forward to sharing my heart and also hearing and learning from the minds and hearts of others who will be at this Trialogue.

MHT’s combination of expertise and experience provides a unique wealth of collective knowledge to which individuals or people from different perspectives would not otherwise be exposed.

Trialogue meetings are open to current or former mental health service users, families and friends, professional mental health workers, prescribers, as well as all community members with an interest in mental health.
All are encouraged to attend!

How It Works:

Three members from the Institute for the Development of Human Arts, a psychiatrist, a person with lived experience, and a family member, will open the forum by explaining the purpose of MHT, then launch into a “trialogue discussion” about experiences with psychotropic medication. We will then open the conversation to all in attendance to share their responses if desired and foster community. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

MHT provides a supportive, non-judgemental space to share unique stories, find solidarity and discover new complementary perspectives that offer clarity, insight, and supportive community. 

PLEASE NOTE: MHT is not a support group, a source of medical/psychiatric advice, or a therapy session.