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Community Development,
Advanced Education,
& Clinical Innovation
in Mental Health


Enroll in our latest online training about redefining trauma-informed practice!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2018-2019 training series Experience Transforms Practice!


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In-Person Education Training

We offer refreshingly innovative courses and events in New York City, led by both those with professional training and with lived experience. Our trainings cover critical, timely, and socially relevant topics, and allow us to provide the space for communities to connect and share with each other. Our 2018-2019 series Experience Transforms Practice just ended, but stay tuned for updates on our next offering.

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Online Training

With the goal of reaching many more people than we can in-person in New York City, IDHA offers online iterations of our trainings on the platform Teachable. Right now, we have the first class in the Experience Transforms Practice available free of cost, and we look forward to sharing new courses on other socially relevant topics in the months to come at an accessible cost.

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Community Events

We host community events that foster connection, support, and shared knowledge for peers, clinicians, family members, and all who are interested in shifting the way we practice mental health care. Check out our upcoming workshops and events to see what's going on this month!

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IDHA Peer Connection

IDHA Peer Connection is a community and capacity-building network of Peer Specialists who are fighting for their right to practice genuine peer support in their work places. We gather monthly to learn from the experiences of some our most seasoned and independent leaders, and organize mentoring and other forms of support for working peers in New York City.

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Brilliant Doers,
Strong Advocates,
Artists Of Human Connection,
& Innovative Practitioners

Our faculty members are a mix of experts by trade and experts by experience, all on the cutting edge of mental health alternatives.


What are people saying about us?

"IDHA makes me feel like there could be a space in the world for someone like me, where I don’t have to hide parts of me...where all are valid and welcome."

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“One of the best trainings I have ever attended - a heart-centered, empathetic, person-centered space. Phenomenal speakers and topics! All very rich and valuable. Information is dense but presented in a very approachable and relatable way.”

“Thank you for such well-rounded, enlightening, and engaging presentations and workshops with such relatable, transparent, and open presenters! Top Notch!” 

"The Experience Transforms Practice series has been such a rich and rewarding journey - I feel empowered connected and better informed through all of the wealth of sharing of everyone's hearts and minds."

"I loved how the presenters moved in between structural and individual applications! I learned some tools as a supporter on an individual level but also some food for thought on ways I can contribute to broader changes in the system, or outside of it."

They balance professionalism with humanity